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youre sure that you just want that picture as a header?
I'll be happy with it, but if you think you can do something better, I won't complain :p
thanks for your attention!
oh, no i suck at making graphics. but your codes will be done this afternoon.
That's very nice of you :))
what would you like as the text on your header?
mmmmh..."wasurenai kara" would have been nice :)
k, will put that on it later tonight :)
yeah, cool! thanks :D
so, could you make it? Sorry for being impatient but I am excited getting something good to get rid off this sucking lay out ;)
thanks a lot again!
i'm so very sorry your overrides are taking so long. i'm having a little bit of trouble tweaking them, but you'll have them either tonight or tomorrow.
np take the time you need !!
ok i'm really sorry that your overrides are coming along so slowly, when i apply them to a journal, they don't look right. i'll try to have this fixed as soon as i can.
ok!! I'm looking forward for it :)
here is your header:

hope ya like it!
she deleted her journal, so i guess that means that we don't have to fill her request.

ps. that looks awesome!